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E10 & Aquasolve

Coval Aquasolve stabilises all Biofuels including the new E10. If you are having or want to prevent future; issues with E10: then Aquasolve is your one-stop solution.


  • Prevents issues with corrosion
  • Improves performance, so no more power lags
  • Improves mileage
  • Stabilises mixed fuels E5 and E10
  • Actually reduces harmful emissions at the exhaust (tailpipe)
    • (E10 reduces C02 by offsetting, (growing crops) but Aquasolve actually helps reduce harmful emissions from your vehicle’s exhaust.

Protecting older vehicles (motor cycles) not E10 compatible


The DfT has previously estimated that 700,000 vehicles in the UK are not E10 compatible. An E10 compatibility checker can be found on the DfT’s website.

Aquasolve stabilises biofuels; removing any of the harmful sugars that are inherent in natural, organic compounds, ensuring that the fuel will work and protect your vehicle regardless of age.

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